General Labour & Hoisting

London Hard Hats Limited work primarily with contractors within the construction and interior industries, assisting with the laborious tasks involved during a construction and refurbishment project. Assisting with the demolition and waste removal process and then moving onto unloading deliveries such as partitioning/ceiling/joinery/furniture & flooring materials onto and around site, and also the general laborious tasks involved in keeping a tidy and hazard free H&S compliant workplace.

General Labourers and Site Cleaners ensure your job runs smoothly by maintaining its cleanliness and safe housekeeping during works. Getting rid of trip hazards as they arise ,they get on with a variety of jobs especially important in occupied buildings like protecting the surfaces prior to any work being undertaken that might be damaged like the stairwell walls, handrails, doorframes and flooring. A general labourer can assist with deliveries, maintain welfare areas, move materials and get rid of your waste building and packing material. General labourers are effective in keeping the project moving swiftly along by making way for the tradesmen and a thorough builders clean can be done prior to handover.

Demolition Operatives are experienced in the safe dismantling, demolition, separation and removal of partition walls, glazing, fire pipe systems, ducting, suspended ceilings, raised access flooring and data and electric cabling. They move the demolished and then segregated material safely off site as and when required. Ask about our comprehensive demolition service where we can offer our clients a fixed price and timescale to undertake a full internal soft strip out.

Board and Glass Carriers or Board Humpers as they are most commonly referred to are men who are trained in manual handling and experienced in hoisting and distributing plasterboard, plywood, glazing, joinery, furniture, ceiling and flooring materials on and around site. Often these materials are carried up via the stairs and these men employ a safe and effective method and technique while on the job as not to not damage the materials that are being moved. We can provide a board trolley if one is not available to more efficiently move and distribute the materials on, and around the building site.

Unloading Gangs which are a team of general labourers who can be sent to assist with the more cumbersome, heavy or bulk items requiring a lift including movable partition doors and office furniture.

All labourers possess the mandatory PPE that is required on most sites today as well as a CSCS card.

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